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What happens when the car bearing is broken?

When the wheel bearing of the automobile is damaged, the continuous frictional collision sound will be transmitted from the corresponding position of the chassis wheel during driving. Usually, the abnormal friction between the brake hub and the brake pad will greatly increase the driving resistance, and in the case of serious damage, the wheel will be damaged. The mechanism caused the hub to fall off, causing serious traffic accidents.

When the hub bearing is damaged, the brake drum should be removed to check if the bearing is defective. When repairing, remove the wheel, use a screwdriver to pry off the dust cover, use pliers to remove the locking pin on the shaft idle nut, turn the brake drum with one hand, and tighten the hub fixing nut with a wrench. As soon as there is significant drag and friction at the bearing, loosen the nut slowly until the nearest pin hole is aligned and a new cotter pin is inserted (notable: under no circumstances can The nut is reversed and retracted by 1/4 turn, otherwise the hub bearing will be loose and cause early wear). After inserting the split pin, the end should be removed and bent to prevent it from falling off. Finally, buckle the dust cover back onto the brake drum and put it back on the wheel. Grab the upper and lower sides of the wheel and shake it to allow a little play.

If there is serious damage to the hub bearing, there are cracks, pitting or ablation on it and must be replaced. Apply grease before installing new bearings, and then install them in reverse order. The replaced bearings must be flexible and free of miscellaneous and vibration.

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