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Talk about motor bearing running ring

Some enterprise friend say, have a batch of motor occurrence bearing system breakdown, end cover bearing chamber has apparent real rub, the wave form spring sheet inside bearing room also has apparent scratch. From the fault appearance, it is a typical problem of bearing outer ring running. Today we are going to talk about the motor bearing race
Interaction between bearing and shaft and end cover
Most motors use rolling bearings. The friction between the bearing roller and the inner and outer rings is rolling friction. The friction between the two contact surfaces is very small. The coordination between bearing and shaft, bearing and end cover is generally interference fit, and in a few cases transition fit. Static friction results from relatively large compressive pressure on each other. The bearing remains relatively static to the shaft, bearing and end cover, while mechanical energy is transferred by rotation between the rolling body and the inner (or outer) ring.
Bearing run laps
If the fit between the bearing and the shaft and bearing chamber is clearance fit, the torque will destroy the relative static state and produce sliding, the so-called "running ring" occurs, the sliding of the bearing inner ring and shaft is called running ring, and the sliding of the bearing outer ring and bearing chamber is called running ring.
The appearance and harm of bearing running ring
If the running ring of the bearing occurs, the temperature of the bearing part will be higher and the vibration will be greater. Disassembly inspection will find sliding marks on the surface of the shaft (bearing chamber), and even grinding grooves on the surface of the shaft or bearing chamber. From this case it can be concluded that the bearing running ring.
The bearing running outer ring has a great negative impact on the equipment, which will aggravate the wear and even scrap of the matching parts, and even affect the precision of the supporting equipment. In addition, because of increased friction, a large amount of energy will be converted into heat and noise, greatly reducing the efficiency of the motor.

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