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Provide customized and intelligent motor for flexible manufacturing

The demands of today's industrial customers are increasingly diversified, and the ability to customize motor and generator products is increasingly demanded. In order to meet the heavy industry, light industry, infrastructure and transportation sector of customization requirements, ABB motors and generators China local business unit provides customers with more and more customized products, including low voltage motor, high voltage, high and low voltage generator, mechanical transmission products, with strong local customization capabilities to win the market and customers.
In order to be able to provide customers high quality customized products, ABB motors and generators China local business unit insists on customer oriented, through the powerful r&d strength and flexible production capacity, and constantly improve the customization capability, especially in the requirements definition, technical clarification, r&d investment, project management, product validation, bulk delivery, etc., thus won the customers highly recognized in several sectors, including port machinery industry.
Shanghai zhenhua heavy industry co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "zhenhua heavy industry") and Shanghai ABB motor co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ABB motor"), which have a market share of more than 70% in the global port machinery market, have numerous successful application cases in the port machinery field. Since June 2016, ABB and zhenhua heavy industries since the new strategic cooperation agreement, both sides form a complete set of development suitable for the standardization of port machinery industry, such as the standardization of gear box + + motor brake configuration, namely "3 in 1 machine", to provide domestic and international numerous well-known port and dock space more compact, more efficient and reliable stabilizer and car applications. At the same time, ABB provided zhenhua heavy industries with a number of localized products and solutions, such as large-size motor, small motor and special permanent magnet motor for transshipment wheel hub, which pushed the strategic cooperation between the two sides to a new height and played a strategic demonstration role in the port industry and even the Chinese market, making ABB motor the preferred motor for many docks at home and abroad.
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