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Maintenance and replacement tips for electric vehicle bearings

Electric vehicle bearings are an important part of electric vehicles. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.

According to the friction properties of moving components, bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Among them, the rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized, but its radial size, vibration and noise are larger and the price is higher than that of the sliding bearing.

Bearing damage:

1, the quality of the bearing itself, the steel is not up to standard, the material is used poorly!

2, the bearing is exposed to the outside seal is not easy to enter the water, such as the front wheel right bearing; the motor does not have the brake end cover inside the bearing) and the oil seal is damaged, the water will wash the bearing butter, resulting in poor lubrication and rust, Increasing the friction causes the bearing to wear out the "scattering".

3. If the wheel impact is severely damaged or the shaft hardness is insufficient to cause bending deformation, the bearing will be biased during the operation, and the [inner circle" and the grinding [outer circle" will be ground, so that the bearing is unevenly damaged and damaged!

4. The machining accuracy of the bearing hole is inaccurate, the bearing is slightly deformed, the running friction is increased, and the bearing wears prematurely.

When the bearing is excessively damaged, the wheel will tilt, which will cause the vehicle to deviate during driving. This is because the bearing has a bearing capacity in a certain direction, which makes it difficult for the electric vehicle to control during the driving process. . If it is serious, the wheel may fall off. If the vehicle is at a high speed, the consequences will be unimaginable, so it is necessary to replace the damaged bearing in time.

Replacement notes:

1. Check the end cap oil seal when changing the bearing. If the oil seal is not closed, please replace it!

2. There is little or no oil in the factory bearings. Please add the lubricating oil to the bearing oil seal!

3. If there is such a problem that the bearing hole is loose, for the safety considerations, the rim or motor end cover should be replaced!

4. After the bearing is installed, please float the wheel to check whether the wheel is running smoothly and smoothly. If there is any difficulty or stuck, if there is any possibility, the bearing may not be installed in place, please re-install! Otherwise, it will sweep the church, the operation is not flexible, and it will soon be "squeaky" when it is forced to ride the bearing!

5, tell the customer to try not to ride to the water, so as not to rust the water.

After the electric vehicle bearing is ground for a long time, it is easy to be damaged, the turning is not smooth, the turning is abnormal, and most of the pressure bearing is used for repairing, so as to prevent the small problem from turning into a big fault.

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