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How to judge the front wheel bearing is broken

The most obvious phenomenon that the front wheel bearing is broken is that after the car is running, it will make a loud noise. Then the way to judge the front wheel bearing is broken is to listen carefully to whether there is such a sound while driving.

Another method of judging is to turn the tire in the right hand and place the left hand on the shock absorbing spring to induce vibration. If the spring has a large vibration, it indicates that the bearing is broken. Because the front wheel bearing is damaged, it will aggravate the friction. When the vehicle is just running, it will generate a lot of heat. At this time, touch with your hand and you will feel hot. If the noise is caused by the abnormal sound, the direction will be left and right when driving, the direction will be left, the noise will disappear, and the direction will be right. There is a problem with the left front bearing, otherwise the right side is the same.

We can also temporarily stop and get off to check if the temperature of the axle is normal. Touch the four hubs with your hands and feel roughly the same. If there is little difference, the owner can continue to drive slowly to the repair station and then do the processing.

The front wheel bearing is similar to the front and rear axle of the bicycle. There are beads inside the shaft, that is, the beads are broken. With the increase of the speed, the noise is large, which will not affect the safety. The cage and bearings are best replaced together. If the dust jacket of the cage is broken, it must be replaced. Otherwise, the cage will break again after a long time.
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