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Bearing sleeve machining tool selection

1. Types and selection of CNC turning tools
Turning tools for CNC turning are generally divided into three categories, namely pointed turning tools, circular turning tools and forming turning tools. 
When the CNC lathe is roughing, it requires high tool strength and good durability to meet the requirements of large roughing backing and high feed speed.
When the CNC lathe is finished, it is necessary to select a tool with high precision, sharpness and high durability to ensure the machining accuracy.
In order to facilitate the tool setting and reduce the tool installation time, try to use the machine clamping knife, the tool material is best to use the coated carbide blade. The geometry of the insert (such as tip radius, geometry, etc.) should be determined by the shape of the machined part. It is important to note that when machining a spherical surface, a tool with a large off-angle should be used to prevent the flank of the tool from interfering with the workpiece.
2. Tool selection for NC machining of bearing sleeve
45° carbide end face turning tool end face, tool number T01;
Use φ3.15 center drill to drill the center hole of φ3.15, cutter No. T02;
Use φ26 taper shank twist drill to drill the bottom hole, knife No. T03;
Use a non-through hole carbide boring tool to rough the inner hole, knife No. T04;
The outer contour surface of the rough car of 93° carbide roughing tool is selected, the tool number T05;
The outer contour surface of the 93° cemented carbide outer round fine turning tool is selected, the cutter number T06;
Use 5mm wide carbide grooving cutter thread retracting slot, tool No. T07;
Use 60° external thread cutter M45 external thread, cutter No. T08.
Fill the selected tool parameters into the table 2-3 bearing sleeve CNC machining tool card for programming and operation management.

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